Guest Blogs

“An Afternoon Inside My Brain”

“Wake up.” “Concentrate.” “Get recipe.” “Hyperfocus, activated.” Experience the competing thoughts flashing through ADDitude reader Sanne Gault’s mind as she tries to read, cook, eat, and live — with and without her ADHD medication.

Boxed up – Short about ADHD from Sanne Gault on Vimeo.

She sits down to read. But her thoughts bounce from putting on her sneakers to untangling a phone cord to putting on a sweatshirt. Her body stays in one place, while her mind jumps to a thousand unseen destinations.

It’s a feeling many people with ADHD know well. Thoughts, whirling around in a blender. Or streaming like data through a computer that denies access to specific files and freezes or crashes when strained.

Medication silences the chatter, and drops Sanne into ‘get-things-done’ mode, but at what cost?