Talking About ADHD

If You Could Cure Your Child’s ADHD Would You?

ADDitude wants to hear from parents of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) children: If you could reverse your child’s diagnosis, without medical consequences, would you?

Yes. It would make my child’s life easier.
Yes. It would make my life easier.
Yes, but only to save money on treatment.
Yes, because I’m worried about medicating someone so young.
It depends on how my child would be affected.
No. ADHD is a part of who my child is.
No. The choice isn’t a parent’s to make.
No. There’s nothing wrong with having ADHD.

First Line of Treatment?

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  1. No…my son is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. He may drive me crazy at times but my life would be slightly dull and boring if I didn’t have my energetic, intelligent, kind hearted young man. God doesn’t make mistakes, He made him fearfully and wonderfully so I’m not going to question it or wish it were any different. #AdhdBrilliance

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