IEP Follow-Up

“With close monitoring, my 11-year-old has gotten A’s and B’s in the past, but his teachers this year aren’t very cooperative. They don’t follow his IEP and don’t return my calls. What can I do?”

The school system should be meeting your son’s needs better than they are, especially if he has an IEP. An IEP should be reviewed at least twice a year – at the beginning of the school year to set goals and plan for accommodations, and again at the end of the year to see that the goals have been met.

You have the right to request an IEP meeting anytime during the school year to address what is or isn’t being done for your son. You shouldn’t sign off on the IEP unless you are completely satisfied with the plan.

Contact CHADD to see if there is a parent advocate in your area who can attend an IEP meeting with you. A parent advocate can tell you what requests you can make of the school and what the school must do to comply with IDEA.