I Want to Stop Forgetting Things!

“I really want to stop forgetting stuff. Last week was the last straw: I forgot to pick up my child at school. He was crying when I finally arrived, an hour late. Can you please give me a foolproof way to remember things?”

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that forgetfulness is, usually, part of having ADHD. Your brain is going to let you down sometimes. The good news is, once you accept this, you can work around it.

Don’t rely on your memory; rely on good tools. I also worry about forgetting to pick up my son, although he’s 17 now and probably wouldn’t shed any tears. My motto is, “If it’s not on my calendar or to-do list, it’s not going to happen.” So I always schedule an appointment for things that are time-based – like picking up my son. I like Google Calendar because it texts me right before every appointment. Check your calendar regularly and have audible alarms – not having a good sense of time is another ADHD challenge.

A foolproof solution might not be possible for you or me. But we can get pretty close by developing the habit of updating and checking our calendar regularly, using audible reminders, and always having our phones with us.

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  1. Mmmm about that phone. I amretired and after 3 divorces and a bout of major depression I was diagnosed with ADHD at 70 years of age. My working career over, i no longer had the adaptation tools that I used effectively nor the money or assets to cope.
    Alimony and an early retirement meant I could no longer afford a cell phone . Or for that matter a home phone. I use MJ. . In Canada we have the greatest use of phones and the most usurious prices. Yet i still use the same tools for time based chores and regular meetings. I just use a tablet and if i need to call someone i duck into the nearest free wifi location and make a call using the tablet and an app in my case “text plus.” Or Next Plus”
    Choir and chorus practice, church, and fitness training, dr and dentist appoint,ents , family dinners, pick up xxxxx all make it on the calendar and or the alarm clock .it is also a great place for coupons. Even senior discount days make it on. All come with at least two alarms and in my case i need that. I have two tablets and that usually means i can find one.
    Now if only i could hang one tablet with my car keys hanging by the door.

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