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“I Get Stressed When Everything Is Running Smoothly”

This entrepreneur says that, thanks to his ADHD, “I’m in my happy place when I’m facing a lot of problems.” Can you relate?

Ken Buckman, who believes he can use ADHD to his advantage
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I was called “special” in school before anyone knew what ADHD was. I had behavioral problems, but I was smart enough to get B’s and C’s. I was a solid average student. I was prescribed Ritalin and became a zombie. I was prescribed dexedrine and felt rage. Medication isn’t for me.

In my business career, I have found that the best medication for my brain is a pot of coffee. When I’m in a meeting that goes beyond an hour, I take a break and have a cup of coffee before I go further. Coffee always puts me on an even keel.

My ADHD gives me the energy and the ability to make decisions on a dime. I thrive on juggling a dozen balls at once, and I make my best decisions when I’m juggling. I get stressed when everything is going just fine and things are running smoothly. I’m in my happy place when I’m facing a lot of problems.

Exercise is essential to optimizing my cognitive function and neurotransmitters. Think of it like your lawn. You have thousands of ungerminated grass seeds that can sit there stagnant for years, just waiting to be activated. The only way to activate the grass seeds in your brain is to exercise.

Those diagnosed with ADHD shouldn’t get down. You have an advantage over those who don’t have it when it comes to business. In nine out of 10 cases, I would hire a person with ADHD and some business skills over an MBA from Wharton who is a star on paper.

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