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Why the “2-Minute Rule” Doesn’t Work for Adults with ADHD

The 2-minute rule doesn’t work for adults with ADHD who have working memory and time management challenges. In this video, learn how to stop procrastinating with one simple trick.

Standard productivity advice says, “If a task will only take 2 minutes, drop everything and complete that task now.” That “2-minute rule” doesn’t work for adults with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). Why?

Your weak working memory makes it hard to remember to go back to your original goal when the 2 minute task is complete. Your difficulty transitioning between tasks adds 10, 15, even 20 minutes to any multi-tasking endeavor. Instead of stopping what you planned to do, carry a notebook and add items to your “catch-all” to-do list, and set a point in the day or week to revisit those tasks.

In the above video, from her ADDitude webinar titled “ADD-Friendly Productivity Strategies for Adults with ADHD,” Linda Walker, explains how to stop procrastinating and be more efficient.

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