How to Pick an ADHD/LD Camp for Your Child

What to consider when selecting a summer camp.

Parents of Kids with ADHD: Learning to Appreciate Difference
Parents of Kids with ADHD: Learning to Appreciate Difference

6 Questions for LD/ADHD Camps

  • What is the ratio of counselors to campers in the cabins? How are the counselors trained? What other specialty staff is available?
  • Describe the education program? How many hours a week? How is the program devised for each child? Will you communicate with my child’s school?
  • What is the social-skills program?
  • How are meds supervised? Is a special medical delivery system used? How many medical professionals are on staff?
  • Can you send me a schedule of activities? How much unstructured time is on the schedule?
  • What is the camp policy regarding parents communicating with children? How does the camp handle homesickness?

7 Questions to Ask About Your Child

  • Does he need help making or keeping friends?
  • What are his interests?
  • Would he benefit from educational instruction?
  • What do you want your child to gain from his camp experience?
  • Has he spent nights away from home successfully?
  • Does he need structure?
  • What is his temperament?

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