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7 Ways To Enhance The Study Space

The better the study space, the better the studying! Use these tricks to make your child’s homework area a welcoming haven of learning.

Enhance your ADHD child's study space, like this girl doing her homework
Enhance your ADHD child's study space, like this girl doing her homework

GET HIM COMFY. If you’re continually reminding your child to sit still, try a different approach. Some students work well standing up, completing homework on the kitchen counter. Others like the living room couch, with the help of a lap desk.

LET HIM SPREAD OUT. Most students do best when they have ample space to spread out their materials. The dining room table is a good option. Also, consider an L-shaped desk. It allows the student to have a place for her laptop and a separate place for writing.

CONSIDER A BEANBAG CHAIR FOR READING, to help your kids feel snug and relaxed. Some children do especially well sitting on a “ball chair.” They can gently bounce as they do their work.

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PLACE THE COMPUTER THAT YOUR CHILD USES FOR STUDYING in a well-traveled area of your home, not in his bedroom. This will cut down on his exploring other websites instead of studying for a test.

HAVE YOUR CHILD STUDY IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS around the house. Moving locations increases novelty, which can improve focus.

TIMERS ARE EXCELLENT TOOLS FOR STUDENTS who feel that they can’t muster the energy to get started. I like the Tolerable 10 approach. By setting the timer for 10 minutes and getting to work for this brief period, students realize that the task isn’t overwhelming. My favorite timer is Time Timer (timetimer.com).

If you have a wall near the study area, USE THE HOMEWORK CADDY (thehomeworkcaddy.com) to get organized. This hanging folder system organizes your student’s schoolwork, books, and homework supplies. It eliminates clutter and enables kids to keep track of long-term assignments.

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