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How to Have a Family Meeting

Why and how to gather your brood for regular discussions.

Reviewed on April 24, 2017

In The Brady Bunch, Mike Brady would round up his wife and kids for a meeting any time there was a big issue to discuss. Well, family meetings work in real life, too. Experts say they’re especially helpful for ADD families.

Gather your brood together on a regular basis – perhaps once a week for 20 minutes. Here are some guidelines:

Have an agenda. Post it on the refrigerator one day before the meeting, so each family member has an opportunity to add to the list.

Give everyone a chance to speak without interruption. Use a timer, if necessary, to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity.

Designate a note-taker. Have someone jot down what was discussed, along with any decisions that were made. Review these notes at the next meeting.

End each meeting with something special – a dessert, a favorite board game, or some other treat.

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