“Here’s How I Declutter My Home — Fast”

We asked ADDitude readers to share their straightforward, ADHD-friendly tricks for keeping the house clean — or at the very least, clean enough!

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It’s a work in progress, but I’m making myself put things where they belong, instead of telling myself that I will do it later.
—Ida Marr, Lexington, Kentucky

Setting a specific time of day or a specific day to clean up clutter, and having methods in place to simplify my cluttering, like having a basket in each room where I can drop “stray” items. Finding a “station” or specific place for each item is half the battle, and makes the task of decluttering my home easier!
—Jill, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

A book, Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD, by Susan Pinsky, helped me get my house organized. It gives plenty of practical tips.
—An ADDitude Reader

I make sure that there isn’t anything else in my hand when I go looking for something I lost. Otherwise, as soon as I find what I’m looking for, I have to go back and find whatever was in my hand that I laid down while looking for the first thing. It is an ongoing challenge that I have to confront every week.
—Julie, Texas

I have a small legal pad next to my computer that has “For Later” written at the top. This is useful for freeing my mind to do what I need to be doing, and also for saving the random curiosities/thoughts that I value.
—Terra Wulf-Stanton, Vancouver, Washington

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I use a notebook. The left page has a list of “To Dos” and the right has the list of whom “To Call.” I’ve also attached a pocket to the front for post-its with notes scribbled on them.
—Paula, Montana

Stop in the doorway and view the room as if you were someone visiting your house for the first time. Limit subscriptions and handle mail only once. Eliminate and file as you go.
—An ADDitude Reader

If you don’t use it, wear it, or need it, donate it.
—Susan, Washington Heights, New Jersey

Organize one three-foot-by-three-foot space at a time.
—Martha Yasso, Garden City, New York

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I subscribe to and read daily emails and Facebook posts from She focuses on changing your thinking about clutter, and this has had a huge impact on my home and thought process!
—An ADDitude Reader

Owning less stuff is the key for me. But that’s hard, because I’m an impulsive shopper!
—Suzy Krone, Madison, Georgia

Write a to-do list and tackle the items one at a time. Play music in the background. When I’m away from clutter, I can think more clearly.
—Deanna, Phoenix, Arizona

My wife.
—Brandon, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

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Updated on October 29, 2019

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