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How to Create Reading All-Stars (Part 3)

After they turn the final page, students with ADHD can boost their critical thinking skills with these after-reading strategies.

Reading Comprehension Strategies for ADHD Children: Teacher Tips
Reading Comprehension Strategies for ADHD Children: Teacher Tips

Teachers use a variety of after-reading strategies to involve students in deeper thinking about their reading material. Some have kids fill out charts and graphic organizers, while others conduct discussions about the concepts in the text, or do activities or projects related to the content of the book.

Allowing students to choose from a menu of possible projects is a wonderful way of drawing on the interests and strengths of all students in the classroom. Here are some great examples:

1. Draw a map or diagram of the setting of the story.

2. Design a T-shirt for the main character that represents attributes of the character’s personality.

3. Make a literary scrapbook about a character in the book with postcards, pictures, award certificates, report cards, and so forth.

4. Pretend that you are an interviewer and audio- or videotape an interview with a character in the book.

5. Write a travel diary describing the places you have traveled in the story.

6. Create a book jacket.

7. Perform a phone conversation between two or more characters.