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How Do You Get Your Child to Start and Finish Homework?

Is the stress of getting homework done spoiling your family’s evenings? Resourceful parents share their start-to-finish solutions.

young ADHD girl working on her homework at home typing information on a laptop computer
young ADHD girl working on her homework at home typing information on a laptop computer

ADDitude asked: How do you get your child to start and finish homework?

> We arranged to have our daughter do her homework when she goes to after-school care. After dinner, we go over it and she corrects any mistakes she made. We also review for any test she has the next day. If we wait till after dinner to start, she’s too tired and distracted to do it, and we get into a fight. -Kathleen, New Jersey

> Sticking to a consistent daily schedule and chanting it out several times during the day keeps my child on a steady course: “Snack, homework, then fun time! Snack, homework, then fun time!” -Laura, Texas

> The TimeTimer works well for my daughter, along with a reward when homework is complete. We set the timer and tell her that, if she can meet or beat the clock, she can go to the park, have a treat, play a game. -L. Lindsay, Illinois

> Homework was such a battle in grade school that, as part of our daughter’s IEP, we reduced the amount of homework that was assigned. She is allowed to do some of her homework at school, where the teacher can assist her as needed. She gets most of her homework done before coming home. -Celeste, Kentucky

> The more assignments that can be done on the computer, the better the chance my son will get them done. -Julie, Illinois

> My son does homework as soon as he gets home from school. No TV, no video games, and no action figures are allowed until homework is completed. -Tina, Pennsylvania

> I discuss the evening schedule with my son and let him pick a privilege he will get after he is finished. -Linda, Ontario

> My son concentrates longer on his homework when I do my “homework” — cleaning, say — in the same vicinity. -Lynda, Wisconsin