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7 Websites for Expert Homework Help

From grammar help to math tutoring, make homework a breeze with these 7 websites.

7 Homework-Helping Websites and Apps for ADHD Students
7 Homework-Helping Websites and Apps for ADHD Students

FOR RESEARCH PAPERS: Google Scholar, Google’s search engine made specifically for scholastic papers and studies, significantly reduces your research time.

FOR CREATING A BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bibme.org will create a bibliography in a snap. Always double-check your results to confirm accuracy.

FOR PLANNING BIG PROJECTS: Pdfcalendar.com shows you how to break a big project into smaller, manageable steps, and generates a calendar to follow on your way to completion.

FOR LEARNING MATH: Khanacademy.org has dozens of acclaimed video tutorials on math and many other topics.

FOR CHECKING GRAMMAR: Grammarly.com claims to find 10 times more grammar errors than other word-processing programs.

FOR LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Duolingo.com uses a multimedia, multi-sensory game to teach language.

FOR MANAGING ELECTRONIC NOTE-TAKING: Onenote.com (PC) and Evernote.com (Mac) can’t be beat. Both have mobile apps that sync with your computer, and each has strong search capacity.