Guest Blogs

“Hoarding… My New ADHD Habit”

To fight boredom, I’m filling my life with new purchases, friends, projects-and acquiring a mess in the middle of it all.

I am prone to hoarding, with a close friend recently describing me as a nervous squirrel scurrying for acorns-always worried that winter is around the corner.

I fill my purse and bags with acquisitions from the fruit stand, the supermarket, and the newspaper vendors. The space under my work desk is a graveyard of magazines, clothes, newspapers, half-eaten bags of pretzels, half-filled notebooks, clothes that I was supposed to donate.

I acquire new friends, new men, new projects, and fight boredom with these new acquisitions. I acquire “things” with the speed and frenziness of buyout moguls-except the only thing I’m getting from this is a grand mess.

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