Ask the Experts

Higher Dosage, Same ADHD Attention Span

“My daughter’s doctor increased her dosage of Concerta from 27 mg to 36 mg to help her inattention at school. There has been no change. What should we do now?”

Talk with your daughter’s teachers and pediatrician about the specific behaviors or ADHD symptoms you want to improve. Then track those behaviors to see if the medication is improving them.

Concerta, which is methylphenidate packaged in a long-acting form, will decrease inattention if it is caused by attention deficit disorder (ADHD). It is important to find the right dose to accomplish this.

Your child has been taking 7.5 mg of Ritalin (Concerta 27) and is now taking 10 mg of Ritalin (Concerta 36). Perhaps an even higher dose is needed.

If no improvement is noted at the maximum dose of Concerta, recheck the diagnosis. Your daughter’s inattention may be due to something else — a related condition, frustration with classwork and homework, possible learning disabilities, or emotional challenges.