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Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression

Real-world advice for parents of depressed teens.

by Katharina Manassis, M.D., and Anne Marie Levac, R.N.
Woodbine House, $19.95
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At last, here’s a source of reliable, real-world advice for parents of teenagers battling depression. Too often parents of depressed teens are given false reassurance – told that moodiness and self-imposed isolation are normal aspects of adolescence. But Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression, co-written by a psychiatrist at Toronto’s renowned Hospital for Sick Children, tells parents how to get help – and how to work with a physician or psychotherapist.

Central to the book is the so-called L.E.A.P. approach: Helping parents Label their own emotions … Empathize and Explore responses… Apply new ways to respond … and Pick and Plan the most appropriate ways to interact with the depressed teen.

Therapists may find it hard to hang onto this book: the day it arrived in my office, two clients asked to borrow it. Guess I’ll pick up a few more copies.