Helping My Daughter Learn To Read

“My daughter was diagnosed with ADD when she was 7 yrs old. She is now 12 and hates school. She is in 6th grade and reading at 4/5th grade level. She’s on Adderall for her ADD. Our doctor says may also have a learning disability. The school is now evaluating her but says I need a doctor or psychiatrist diagnose to dyslexia. Symptoms of ADD and dyslexia are so similar. I’m just beginning to start tutoring with her. Should I just wait and see what happens or find some more help? Her achievement scores are average to above, but she fails all tests in school. I’ve always felt I’ve done something wrong but now I just want help.”

Children with ADHD can have learning disabilities — often in reading, which are called dyslexia. I would definitely seek further testing.

Your daughter will need a strong phonics program to support her skills and this help may change her attitude and spirit. Don’t waste a day. Seek help now.

And please stop blaming yourself — move forward and see if from this day on you think positive with her about helping her. Tell her “I am your mom and I will help you anyway I can to be successful. I am here to support and help you.”

Updated on April 7, 2017

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