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Helping Moms Feed Their Kids with ADHD

A new nutritional rating system makes it easier to feed my daughter a well-balanced diet to keep her healthy.

The Hy-Vee grocery store chain just introduced a nutritional rating system that promises to be a dream-tool for parents who are concerned about the nutritional needs of their children with ADHD.

I learned about it when I made a quick run to Hy-Vee last night to get Natalie’s glasses repaired. I chatted with the vision center guy about how well Nat’s bendy glasses are holding up, picked up a half gallon of ice cream, and headed out.

As I was leaving, I came across a display by the front door.

Hmmm. The NuVal™ Nutritional Rating System. I wonder what that is.

I grabbed a brochure to find out.

I learned that Hy-Vee plans to tag every food product on their shelves with a The NuVal Rating; a number between 1 and 100. Using a formula designed by a coalition of top physicians and scientists, products’ nutritional values will be rated based on factors like protein, carbs, fiber, and fat; as well as their vitamin and mineral content. Each variable is measured. The system even takes into account the quality of the protein or carbs, not simply the quantity.

Iron and Omega 3 fatty acids, nutrients believed to boost the brain-power of kids with ADHD, are among the 30 nutrients that effect the food’s rating; adding value for those of us attempting to feed kids with ADHD.

Just think what this means! In the cereal isle, I’ll be able to compare two types of those sugary cereals that Nat loves, and choose the one that’s the lesser of two evils. When I come to the pasta, I’ll finally find out for sure if Barilla’s multi-grain pasta really out-nourishes the whole-wheat brands. Yogurt…granola bars…the possibilities are endless!

Leaps and Bounds

Free, easy to use…NuVal™ sounds to me like a recipe for ADHD nutritional success.

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