Ask the Experts

Helping a Visual Learner

“My daughter has trouble with her weekly oral vocabulary quizzes – she’s a visual learner who needs to be able to see the words. Can you suggest any strategies?”

Have her recite the terms and definitions into a tape recorder. Suggest that she read them as if she were a disc jockey or sports announcer, or sing them to the rhythm of a hip-hop song. That way, she’ll listen to her voice with more interest when she plays back the tape.

Next, type up the words and definitions and print them out. Block out two or three letters in each word and see if she can guess the missing letters. Have her spell out each word with Scrabble pieces. “Searching” for letters in this way will increase recall. Encourage your daughter to use (and then define) five of that week’s words in conversation at the dinner table. Good luck!