Learning Challenges

Help Learning Happen

ADHD kids learn best when the teaching style plays to their strengths. Support all types of learners with these specialized approaches.

Scrabble and games help learning
Scrabble and games help learning

We know that not everyone learns in the same way. Some kids are stronger visual learners, or auditory learners; others prefer information to be presented through tactile (touch) and kinesthetic (movement) approaches. Most kids use a combination of styles to succeed in school, but they may learn and retain more when using strategies that tap into their strengths. Here are strategies for each learning style:

For Visual Learners

> graphic organizers, maps, charts, books, flash cards, outlines

> written directions (including pictures)

> models, illustrations, imagery

> videos, multimedia presentations

> webbing, diagramming, color highlighting

For Auditory Learners

> verbal instructions and explanations

> music (rhythm, beat, melody to reinforce information)

> rhymes/verses/songs

> discussing, storytelling, brainstorming

> cooperative learning (working with a partner/small group)

> audio books, listening activities

> speeches, debates, oral exams and reports

For Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners

> objects to touch (manipulatives, props)

> building, construction, labs, arts and crafts

> hands-on technology and gadgets

> acting it out, role-playing, simulations

> frequent opportunities for movement

> recite, rehearse, study while in motion (on a bike, walking, bouncing a ball)

> active learning games, dance, field trips

Adapted from How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD, Second Edition, copyright 2005, by Sandra F. Rief.