Book Review: Healthy Mother, Healthy Child

Adopt a calmer lifestyle with yoga and wholesome eating.

by Elizabeth Irvine
Whole Health Publishing, $19.95

As a psychologist who works with ADHD youngsters, I like to offer my patients fun self-calming techniques, such as yoga.

Healthy Mother, Healthy Child is a good introduction to this ancient discipline; the book has received positive reviews from parents in my practice. They say it supports the process of psychotherapy and helps them cope with everyday stress.

This book is liberally illustrated with photos, so it’s easy to learn the basic poses. And the names of the postures the author, Elizabeth Irvine, includes-“Mountain Pose,” “Dog Pose,” “Tree Balance Pose,” and so on-appeal to children’s imaginations.

But Healthy Mother, Healthy Child is not just about yoga. As the title suggests, it offers a healthier approach to living. Parents can zero in on those chapters that complement their view of family and that address their children’s needs. I found the chapter on breathing to be especially useful for children who have trouble “slowing down.”

In her chapter on nutrition, Irvine offers tips on awakening a child’s interest in eating wholesome foods. For example, she recommends teaching your child to read food package labels-and that if he can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably not very healthful. Involve your kids in food preparation at home and eat together as a family as often as possible, Irvine writes.

I recommend this book to parents who want to encourage health and wellness in every member of their family.