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“Guinea Pig Central”

There are ADHD adults who know exactly where they fit in, but not me.

I am all prepared to be a guinea pig again. After canceling the medical research group session a dozen times, I am set to head over to the hospital to do a battery of IQ tests to contribute to yet another ADHD study. The focus of the study is adults with ADHD and physical movement.

Are ADHD adults idiots when it comes to reflexes and movement? Apparently not, since Michael Phelps has ADHD and cuts through the water like a knife to butter.

I get $100 for the entire study, but just scheduling it has proven very ADHD. I’ve canceled a dozen times simply because I can’t get my head around managing things. Time is a very loose concept for me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about spatial movement lately though. For example, when I walk into the crowded subway cars in the morning I never seem to know where to go. To the front or back or the subway car? Who knows. I’m always bumping into people, walking into them, forever saying “Oh sorry.”

After a while it’s exhausting. I am sure there are people who know exactly where they fit in when they see a crowded subway car or a packed airport terminal, but not me. I am like a blind mouse trying to cram itself into the right spot.

On other issues, I’ve met a new guy who I’m actually interested in. He’s tall and lanky, a bit preppy, has a southern accent and is a real gentleman. When he holds my hand I feel safe and when he hugs me, I feel even better.

My friend Lisa is somewhat amazed at how many guys I’ve dated recently – 25 and counting. I tell her it’s to get over the pseudo-boyfriend who broke my heart, but she thinks it’s my ADHD. I need someone who keeps the kettle boiling; I can’t stand boredom. That is why I am forever seeking the next new challenge and adventure. When put in those terms, it doesn’t sound so bad.