Goal Setting

“I am 29 and have ADD. I get bored easily and it has nearly destroyed my personal and work life. Do you have any advice on focusing techniques, career decision-making, and goal setting?”

Goal setting is a skill-plain and simple. Some of us have a natural ability to be able to do it well and others lack the capabilities needed to make us as good at it.

As a coach, I guide my clients through the process and, when they begin to falter, for whatever reason, I am there to give them that extra support and encouragement that is needed for them to continue.

It is quite common for ADDers to get bored easily and is the reason for many an unfinished project. A coach can help you stay motivated and provides a source of accountability to the commitments you have made.

Coaching is a partnership and sometimes that is what is needed to sustain working toward the completion of a goal. We all need someone to believe in us. To stay motivated toward the end of a task, when it may no longer be exciting or interesting, requires re connecting with the value of what completion of that task will have for you.

Visualization exercises are excellent for this purpose. If you are not continuing to visualize the rewards of completing the task, that may be why the task no longer seems important enough to complete and boredom sets in. Make sure that if you are utilizing a coach for career decisions that they have expertise in this area or refer you to a career counselor or career center for assessment, testing and/or consultation.