Organizing Your Child

Get Organized Without Losing It

Kid-friendly advice on organization.

by Janet S. Fox
Free Spirit Publishing, $8.95
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I wish I’d found a book like this years ago. Author Janet Fox provides easy-to-follow strategies for organization — strategies that are needed desperately by kids, ages eight to 13, who have ADHD.

In her section on using a planner, Fox offers a sample schedule, detailing estimated versus actual time it takes to accomplish something. This helps students avoid the trap of underestimating the amount of time it takes to do a task. Another helpful tip — and one that I discovered in time to get through high school — is to use highlighters or colored pencils for different subjects or types of activities in your planner. Other features include an after-school scheduler, a homework checklist, and advice for getting ready on time for school each day.

I’ve read lots of ADHD books over the years. I have an entire shelf of them. So I was amazed to find that so much useful information could be packed into 100 pages. And how many other books about ADHD are illustrated with cute cartoons?

Do yourself a favor — don’t procrastinate about getting this one.