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Get Happy!

You deserve joy and fulfillment, even as you struggle with the symptoms of attention deficit. Salvage your self esteem and open yourself to possibilities with these happiness hints.

Sometimes you need to put on a special pair of glasses — ones that let you see solutions, possibilities, and the happy things life has to offer. We deserve to be happy, too — even as we struggle to manage ADHD symptoms! These tips have proved useful for me and might benefit you, too.

Know that you are one of a kind. You are an amazing work of art, sculpted to magnificence. Technology advances every year, but it will never be able to make a copy of you — with your humor, opinions, insights, wit, and experiences.

Learn and teach. Regardless of your conditions or situation, you have the power to discover new experiences, learn from them, and teach those lessons to others. These are the gifts of being human. No other creature on earth has the ability to improve and pass on those lessons to others.

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Pay it forward. There is nothing more gratifying than passing good things on. It could be a kind word or an encouraging comment you received, or something you read that made you smile. You have the power to spread positivity.

Practice thankfulness. Every day give thanks for something, anything. There is power in giving thanks. When we give thanks, we are recognizing the good things that are happening in our lives, and this, in turn, directs our attention to more good things.

Pay attention to the things you do right. Keep a journal of the things you accomplish, especially the things you do right. Key into your strengths, and they will become your focus. This doesn’t eliminate your weaknesses, but you might discover how to improve or minimize your negatives by playing up the things you do right.

Compliment others. Find the good in others and let them know about it. This helps dispel feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, envy, and a host of other negative feelings you may have. When you look for the good in others, you will find the good in yourself.

Learn from failure. Those who learn from their failures strive to improve – and eventually succeed. When a baby learns to walk, they fall a lot, but they keep going until they take their first steps. Babies don’t understand what failure is, so they don’t know what giving up is. By viewing every failure as a lesson, defeat does not lay a glove on us.

Pet a pet. No really, try it. There have been many studies indicating that petting a dog, cat, or favorite animal improves a person’s mood, reduces stress, controls blood pressure, and builds a healthy immune system. And the pets like it, too.

Go out and play. I’m not talking about video games. Remember going outside as a child – running, jumping, riding your bike, and climbing trees (and falling out of them, in my case)? These activities reduce stress and increase laughter and joy. Playing around lets us forget about our troubles for a while and see things more positively and creatively. When we play, we often find solutions to problems we might not have thought of.
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