ADHD in College

Gadgets for College-Bound Teens with ADHD

“Should we buy our son a computer for college? He tends to use the computer for chatting, Web surfing, and so on, so we’re worried that having a computer in his dorm room will mean he gets less, not more, schoolwork done.”

While I understand your concern, today’s college students must remain “connected.” Professors post syllabi, assignments, notes, slideshows, and grades online, and frequently e-mail critical information just before class. A computer may also be essential for class registration and other tasks that students with ADHD tend to remember only at the last moment. While most schools have computer labs, few provide round-the-clock access.

A laptop, in particular, might help. Your son could take it to class to type notes, bring it to study group sessions, or find another study venue when the dorm room becomes too loud.

How can you keep the computer from becoming a distraction? Work with your son to devise systems that will keep him accountable. Have him place a large clock near or on top of his monitor. The TimeTimer ( is a great choice-a red pie piece wanes as time goes by, letting him see how much time has passed. In addition to desk clocks, the company offers software that displays a timer in a computer window, on his screen. Finally, suggest that he turn off his chat program, or even unplug his Internet cable, when writing a paper.

Gadgets for College

Here are some other must-have gadgets for college-bound teens:

The Rocketbook Reusable Notebook (#CommissionsEarned) allows students to take notes on lined or dot-grid pages, scan, and save notes online without wasting paper — or time searching for multiple notebooks. The eco-friendly notebook includes a black Pilot FriXion erasable pen and a microfiber cloth to erase notes. It also features smart titles, smart search, and email transcription, making it easy for students to name and find their digitized notes.

The Master Lock portable lock box (#CommissionsEarned) is small, discreet, and secured with a four-digit combination. It’s spacious enough to store smartphones, passports, credit cards, and ADHD medication.

The Phomemo D30 mini portable label maker (#CommissionsEarned)will help college-bound teens stay organized, keep track of their belongings, and create visual reminders for daily routines (like taking meds). Here’s how it works: Download the Print Master app to a smartphone and use its various fonts, icons, and templates to design a label. Then, transfer the design to the label maker machine using Bluetooth. Just one click produces professional-looking label stickers. Bonus feature: The label maker uses thermal printing technology, so there are no added ink costs.

Gadgets for College-Bound Teens: Next Steps

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