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    As long as I can remember my mother
    has been a conversation monopolizer.
    She has a compulsion to discuss every
    detail and if you interrupt her she starts
    all over and you will hear about her
    Dr. Appt.,the nurse, the nurses mother,
    how many children they each have,.their
    illnesses etc….I.cant stand it and
    try to get her to focus by steering
    her back to the original question to
    no avail. She thinks I’m mean but with
    my.ADD talking to her can be torture. I truly
    feel your pain.In true Add fashion I only
    read half your post before replying. The
    comment of men vs women….I have met just
    as many long winded men as women. Women
    do not have a monopoly on mind numbing

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)