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    I am 30 yr old male that recently restarted taking my Ritalin after a couple years off. I can tell you that I am much better now than I was before. I am more focused, able to stay on a normal routine, and still very productive. I say it’s almost like it slows me down, but it’s more like I get a millisecond to process a choice, rather than making spontaneous choices. I will say it’s very very very important to get a good nights rest. I need about 5-7 hours to perform at my highest abilities. I am not hurricane-like as much, but I still get as much, if not more done during the day. I would say the focus that I am able to obtain outweighs any of my characteristics that I might have lost, though I am not sure I lost anything. My wife enjoys me being on my meds too. I say the meds are totally worth it. I also have a great doctor who I can have open conversations with as well, which is a plus.

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