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    since visiting a doctor isnt an option there is no way to tell whether or not you have ADHD.
    but for the record, I will tell you how I was like growing up and living with ADHD.

    1. Constantly roaming around in a circle, whenever I have to wait for the light to change or in a waiting line. I just CANNOT stand still and wait for, even though its just for a few mins, i just cannot stand it.
    2. I am normally very quiet in social groups, because I have no idea when to chime in nor know when its my turn to speak. But sometimes whenever I am ‘possessed’ with any ideas or thoughts, I blurt out those ideas and talk non stop about it without thinking whether its appropriate.
    3. I am also very irritable with sound, smell, touch, etc.
    4. I also have a whole collection of books and videos with each irrelevant themes and never looked through it.
    5. If I wake up early, I go straight away back to sleep. Its really hard for me to fall asleep, and also to wake up.
    6. Everyone gets depressed at 3 am.
    7. I have tons of posts unpublished as well and to be honest, I dont know if I will post this reply as well. will see
    8. same. I DESPISE sitting quietly in a lecture or some events like that. Nor can I sit quietly at a cafe enjoying a little talk with friends as the others do.
    9. Sitting in a boring lecture tortures me
    10. same, if I am close enough I normally take away her/his work and do it myself.

    Before I was diagnosed with ADHD, I never suspected myself to have it and just thought I had depression and Anxiety.
    Later my doctor told me I have it, I read articles about ADHD and was really surprised to find out that such traits are
    just not my own, but general shared traits from ADHD. Felt like some big unsolved mystery in my life was answered.
    You need to consider if your forgetfulness and restlessness have ever caused you a serious problem in your life.
    For example it often happened to me in highschool or college, to forget due dates of some important assignments and mixed up
    the time and date of my finals, etc. Recently I forgot that I had a working shift on a certain day, and simply didnt show up.
    Received angry texts and missed calls from the employer. Guess what I had anxiety attack from the fact I forgot it and ignored all her messages. And all these make me feel so stupid for who I am as a person. And if thats how you feel about yourself, maybe you also have ADHD.

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