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    Not sure what happened but it’s not showing my comment after I edited a mis-spelling… but that might just be a glitch…
    I wanted to add that my daughter who has Inattentive ADHD (Like me) has also tried it. My kids are all homeschooled and when she tried it she had the flu, i thought it might help her recover, she sat at the dining room table doing homework by her own motivation for 4 hours.
    Wish I could afford it for all 3 of us to take daily

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    My son was on 4 medications from age 8 to 14.
    He now only takes CBD oil and is doing fantastic.
    He has severe combination ADHD (all subtypes), anxiety, ODD.

    I started him on it in January. In May we dropped his Concerta and two other meds, 1 month ago we stopped his Paxil.

    We ran out this week, as I am broke and unemployed so I can not buy more.
    The old wild a-hole kid is back. Excuse my French I love my kid but that’s an accurate description.

    He takes 10 my in the morning and 15 at night, and did not need any through the day. It lasts about 10 hours and when you take it daily it has a cumulative effect where the benefits are even longer lasting. For example it took about 3 days for his ADHD symptoms to return.

    I have major executive functioning issues, as does my son. CBD absolutely helps us both with executive functioning. I cannot afford it for both of us though, so I still have issues myself
    THC, which is another one of the hundred or so cannabinoid found in cannabis, very much inhibits executive functioning. It is also the cannabinoid responsible for the high.
    CBD gives no high, and does not contain THC.

    People respond differently to CBD. Some people it is like they had coffee, others it makes them relaxed and sleepy, still others just feel a sense of wellness without energy boost or sleepiness.
    Once you know how it effects you you determine when to take it.
    It makes me sleep great and then I wake refreshed and have better days. I can take a tiny bit in AM and it acts like coffee though.

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    I appreciate the suggestions.
    Thanks all for taking the time.

    It’s still just a list of things to do that I can’t do though.

    If I did not have my children to care for I might be able to focus all energy on getting help one task at a time.

    Not sure what I was hoping to find here but all this site seems to be for me is a list of tools and ideas I will never have the actual ability to use.

    I give up.

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    What I need, if it were possible, is someone to follow me around all day telling me what to do and making sure I follow through.
    Because the part of the brain that most people have that does that for them is not firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately no one does that for free.
    Seeing as I barely have enough money for toilet paper for me and the kids, I won’t be hiring anyone anytime soon to help me out.

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    The fact that I have done actions in the past does not magically take away my ADHD now. As I am sure you have had moments where you were focused on things or you were having an awesome relationship or you were successful at something, that does not fix the issues you have today.
    That was 4 years ago that I saw that doctor.
    It took me 2 years to make that appointment happen.
    The reason I don’t just find another doctor is the same reason I don’t just brush my teeth everyday.
    I’m not sure if you’re understanding executive functioning disorder, but it’s that last spark where your brain tells your body to do any action, its actually a subconscious connection between you thinking of a thing to do and then your body actually doing it. It doesn’t matter how much the action is thought about or how many times I say ok I’m going to do this right now, I cannot DO the action.
    If, for example, I know it’s time to do laundry, I have an alarm go off I think about going to do it, I may even stand up or start walking toward the laundry room but then suddenly my mind is blank from that thought. And I don’t even know it’s blank until later. It’s like when you actually do a small task and your brain checks it off and forgets it, you don’t think about the task anymore because it was insignificant and has been completed. Mine does it before the task is complete and no matter how important the task is. It’s not even the thought of perhaps I forgot something, it just is not in my brain at all.
    I have zero problems focusing when I am writing or typing.
    Unfortunately there are no doctors who communicate with patients just by email. I can’t even find one I can make an appointment with online. I have to call.
    When I try to speak out loud to people my mind goes completely blank. I have absolutely nothing in my head. The anxiety of that contributes to procrastination and further prohibits me from taking actions when I do seem to be able to take action.
    I do not have friends or family who can take the time to help me.
    I am a single mom. If I had in person help I probably wouldn’t be where I am today.

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    Asking for help is already on my list of actions I am failing at
    It does not matter that that action would be helpful if I cannot DO it

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    I cannot make a new thread.
    Down where it says to make a new thread there is a message that says You cannot make a new thread.
    I joined today.
    At what point am I allowed to make a new thread?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.
    It was saying I cannot make a new TOPIC.
    Once I am in the topic I can make a new thread

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    I totally sympathize with this.
    It was so ridiculous that I took my kids out of public school.
    They are homeschooled now. What good is an education if every day you are made to feel inadequate and broken?

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    Because you probably also have anxiety.
    A major problem that comes along with ADHD is anxiety. Whether because it was always there or because it was developed over the lifetime of knowing you cannot do the things others expect, etc.
    Anxiety deepens the cycle of ADHD symptoms because we feel more hesitant to try to accomplish things and we become further distracted by our worries.

    Hydrocodone helps quiet anxiety.
    So it seems as though you can focus better because it quiets the distraction in your own head.

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      I use kratom. I have for about 2 years now
      I started it for chronic pain and fatigue after cancer.
      I recently found that Red Maeng Da strain also helps with my ADHD.

      Edit: New to this forum, meant to reply to the person who mentioned kratom.
      Everything is tiny on my phone screen, sorry.
      Also no idea why but I can’t make my own new threads?

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    It’s only fidgeting if you aren’t pulling it out.
    Tell coworker you’re sorry for whoever it is that they know with trich but that you can do what you like with your own hair and they should shut their judgemental yapper right the heck up.
    Why get more fidget toys when you have the perfect one connected to your head all the time?

  • Whatmom

    I am in the same boat besides the working part.
    I cannot handle working, it takes so much out of me to work that I am even more useless at home.
    I’m a single mom. I have no idea how to do any of the things I need to do. My doctors will not listen to me so I have not been diagnosed, and if I do find a doctor who listens I can’t remember to go to or make appointments.
    I was so distraught trying to make the public school happy jumping through hoops and keeping appointments for 3 different kids in 3 different schools that I actually took them out and havethem in online homeschool. Not to meet school deadlines every day and letting go of the horrible struggles to get up on time get kids to school and get them home was such a huge load off my back.
    We have much less laundry, much less daily organization, much less gas in the car, much less stress every day. There were many other reasons I chose homeschool (all 3 kids were failing traditional school anyway because we could not get help for THEIR issues) but a huge one was that I was going insane trying to keep up.

    I know all the things I should do to help myself, but my biggest issue is executive functioning, so I cannot DO the things I need to do to help myself.
    I feel most guilty about the parenting issues because they affect my children.
    The only reason I have not run off to a remote island is because I tell myself this parenting thing is temporary. They will grow up and I will not be doing this the rest of my life.
    If I had to be a mom in the sense of caring for children daily the rest of my life I am not sure I could survive. In fact I know I would not. This is the absolute worst.
    I love my kids. I absolutely hate parenting with ADHD and I can’t wait for it to be over

  • Whatmom

    RE hemp oil-
    I second that.
    My son was on 4 different meds for 5 years and is now only taking full spectrum hemp oil.
    When I took it I was doing much better too, but unfortunately I cannot afford it for both of us. His issues are so severe that it ruins everyone in the house’s day if he does not have medication, so this is fantastic. The hemp oil is also the only thing that actually is improving his cognition. He has been frustrated his whole life and never asked questions about anything because whatever was confusing caused a melt-down in the past.
    Now I can hardly answer all his questions he is so curious and actually jokes and laughs with us.
    It’s kind of ironic, I signed on as a distributor for the company we use so I could get the discount to order the oil, so I also have the option to sell the oil to others but so far I haven’t jumped in. Maybe I should so I can afford it for myself as well.

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