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    Greetings sisters and brothers
    My very first post..
    I find putting my thoughts into txt very very very difficult
    Writers block on steroids
    As a consequence I never do

    As soon as I read the forum entitled
    I am painstakingly and very slowly
    Attempting to share my very lonely, alienated
    I might well be the only soul on my planet
    I have a saying
    Opps a 🌼
    I have been burnt at the stake again
    For being misunderstood..
    I can’t offer any guidance or approach with
    Posative solution..
    I refuse to bend to a society or conformity to fit in
    Why should we change
    It’s synonymous to that Square peg into round hole senario
    It would be a refreshing to discover other squares of all different colours and sizes..

    I’ve found as child easier to deal with others
    The gap grows wider and the distance broader
    With age..

    Not much awareness regarding adult and senior ADHD
    The general concensus.. Being children grow out of it
    On contrary.. At living proof of high end symptoms..
    I’ve found my ADHD.. An easy target for those who don’t have our best interests at heart
    Alarmly.. My family

    I won’t give up on the human race
    Unlike Mental illness
    The integrity of ADHD is widely disputed and universally exceptionally questionable

    Embrace your have special gifts,
    I send unconditional love, and light
    At the end of the tunnel
    Namaste 🙏

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