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    Good for you for trying! I’m not a long-time meditator, but I have heard from others that one never gets to the point of an “empty mind” – as someone else pointed out, the practice is not to empty the mind but to train yourself to keep going back to the breath or mantra, not to get sucked into the rabbithole of thought, to step back and observe yourself thinking…as one of my meditation teachers said she uses the phrase “ah…thinking again”.

    I Agree w the other good suggestions, e.g. TM, mindfulness. You might want to experiment w forms of mindfulness meditation–for example walking meditation could be helpful. I once read Ticht Nan Ha (sorry for misspelling) describing mindful dish washing as a practice.

    Once I took a meditation “class” where we tried out a variety of different strategies, which I found helpful. In addition to sitting & walking meditations we tried focusing on sound (or on quiet) either a mantra or sounds outside of the room, or on visuals (a candle, a mandala). You may also want to try a recorded guided meditation (a CD or an app like Headspace).

    Maybe trying out a variety will help you find what works best for you.

    Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)