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    Nope, not awful at all….little by little, over time, I have to keep striving to decide if I am parenting the child or parenting the ADHD….if it’s the ADHD, I have to remind myself that while some ‘strategies’ aren’t necessarily about ‘nurturing’…but rather about providing a clear expectation, about staying focused and consistent yourself (rather than just saying ‘do whatever you want’ in the face of yet another meltdown, or seeing them start to struggle and just wanting to hug them) in parenting the ADHD sometimes, you are doing them a favor….providing different strategies to deal with it, that they likely will carry with them into adulthood….these are two very different approaches….and I am not always successful. I am a single dad raising two children with the diagnosis…one is hyperactive, one hyperfocused….it can be a constant changing of gears’ some days….and it’s frustrating….but with practice it gets easier to decide whether to parent the child or the ADHD in a given situation…..good luck!

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    Is your son on an IEP? If so, then you should have the ‘right’ to discuss the selection of topics for your son to journal about. If the goal is to get him to write and express himself, then that should be a pretty easy ‘give’ – unlike say trying to convince his teacher/school that he should be able to write about Minecraft in answering questions on a math test.

    My boys’ teachers have been pretty liberal with things like this – the teachers likely aren’t ‘experts’ on ADHD unless they have children with ADHD…but as teachers they might not be in tune with the full spectrum of issues and challenges that kids with ADHD face…it’s not just about sitting still and keeping focus…it’s about how the child processes information, the ability to engage them, and that has to be a factor of consideration in educating them…although they DO have many other children to teach at the same time. Try reaching out to the teacher (you may have already, I haven’t read all the replies here) and explain that you’re not asking for special considerations for your son, you’re asking for the path of least resistance to a common destination…getting him to journal. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)