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    Hi Kate,
    I decided to sign up to AADitude, upon reading your comment today… though I had been following the magazine for a while.
    I feel like relate to you, as I am new to this and also an adult (I am over 50). I am going to get back to this thread in the days ahead, because as part of trying to help my focus, I only allow myself a few minutes on the web, as well as keeping my phone on airplane mode most of the day.

    So, yes, I too was prescribed adderall and am seeing amazing improvements.
    Mine is the inability to focus and prioritize.
    I relate to the “under-performance” too.
    So much to share.
    I wanted to quick reply now, so I don’t lose this thread. Will check back in when I get a chance.
    Full steam ahead in our new journey!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)