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    Hey Matt,
    Let me start by saying from your description it appears that your medication is working correctly. I am also very conscientious of the harmful side effects of medications (addiction runs in my family). Make sure you are very open with your psychiatrist about your concerns, and remember that people with ADHD use medication to replace chemicals our brain needs but our bodies don’t make. Addicts get off on the high of overloading their system. My Doctor recently told me that when people with ADHD find the right medication and dose, they rarely need to switch or increase dose, even after years. Nash’s journal is a great idea but there are also tons of apps designed to help you track where your head is at “Year in Pixels” is great and so is “Daylio.” You can add emotions an notes about your symptoms in both, and it can be a fantastic tool for your doctor in determining if your doses and medications are working for you.

    I think the most important thing to pay attention to is how well your ADHD symptoms are being managed. Adderall commonly calms people with ADHD, lowering blood pressure and even helping some of us sleep easier. At first, there is a euphoria that lasts about two weeks. After the euphoria fades, you’ll know your medications are working if you feel like you are able to concentrate better/longer, if the fidgeting stops (or becomes manageable), and if the almost compulsive need to “chatter your teeth” dies down. If you see improvement in those symptoms you are on the right track. Hyper-focus is a thing though, so don’t be afraid to set alarms for yourself, so you don’t waste a whole day looking up whether or not oral Benadryl ca be applied topically to relieve itching (it can, and also can be used as a local anesthetic by dentists).

    I wish you well, and hope this helped,


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