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  • Quality, I have to be honest.. I’m mind blown to find others like me.

    When I suspect I’m going to be waiting for a long time, I usually just zone out and grab a book if the situation is going to be intense like waiting for someone at a surgery LOL.

    Though to combat long conversations I usually try and focus on specifics/details in a long conversation, like “keywords” and “phrases”, sorry to put these into quotes but i find it much easier when I’m hunting for keywords, it seems to keep me quite entertained hehe and also the person who is speaking probably realises I’m listening more too! Time keeps to whiz by! Personally long conversations don’t bother me anymore.. bare in mind someone has to read this reply hahaha

    I would also stare deep into their eyes, many people don’t like huge eye contact, though its a sign your intently listening to them…but a lot of people, seem to try and get to the point quicker if they are slightly uncomfortable. lol

    in reply to: How to slow down #72331

    I listen to drum n bass to chill out 😉

    I’ve found classical music makes me sleepy but faster music with a lot of bass helps relax me. Or Massive Attack and Mezzaine album to supra awesome

    in reply to: First week on Ritalin: methylphenidate hydrochloride ER #72329

    I’ve been on Ritalin for years since I was about 13, now I’m 36.. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster though, as my anxiety got so bad at one point in my mid twenties, I took myself off Ritalin because it was driving me crazy. But to be honest looking back, I may have had a lot of stresses at the time (as I had fallen out of University and my lifelong ambition of becoming a Engineer was smashed to pieces! I was splitting up from my girlfriend too and had no life prospects/no direction and very few friends, so I got very depressed…)

    So to be honest I’d ask, what are you expecting from the drug rather to say, what will you notice.. If you don’t notice a improvement after 4 months, I would consult your medical practitioner.

    But I understand myself much better now, I also understand that I shouldn’t have taken up intense studying but mainly because I lacked the qualifications/academics and I just wasn’t ready to study at that level.

    Ritalin for me boosts my confidence (the dopamine hitter), but as long as we are positive about life, that we have some direction but if we are negative then anxiety is more likely to creep in, so firstly I’d say, don’t concentrate on the pro’s and cons of any drug, as if you have ADHD, you’ll concentrate on “something” and this may even effect the overall effectiveness of the drug.

    Do you have any goals at the moment Kelsey? Do you have any specific problems with life in general etc…

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