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    Ingles Pharmacy filled mine.


    Hi there . I was diagnosed with ADHD about 20 years ago but thought I had convinced the doctor so stopped medication .
    7 months ago after stopping gluten some of my brain fog lifted.
    I tried again through a Psychiatric FNP who tested and diagnosed me ADHD Combined type .
    She prescribed Straterra since my heart is sensitive to stimulants.
    It has helped slow my thinking down and I am now actually able to think things through like never before . It is a gift believe me.
    I am also a recovering Alcoholic clean 27 plus years by God’s grace
    Hope this is helpful to someone reading.

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    My family came through the blessing of adoption so my biological connections are to sisters and generations of neices and nephews.
    At least one nephew 2 great nephews and one great Neice have ADHD none with obvious tics except my Dad and 2 older sister with body tics.
    Because I was born with crossed eyes all focus on my tics was related to wearing glasses 🤓 beginning at age 4.
    If you can get your little guy to experience facial relaxationk , he might feel the difference and eventually realize the difference between tense and relaxed.
    I rarely remember the huge difference.
    Enjoy your amazing child and his special gifts.🤗

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    Hi. I have had tics all of my life and am combined type ADHD.
    Although I have taken Ritalin in the past and don’t recall any increase in Tics, I now take Stratera along with antidepressant effexor xr . Stratera is working well for me helping me to think things through, giving me some space between thoughts and reactions.
    It might be worth a try. A careful caring medical provider also makes a huge difference . After an extensive diagnostic interview I think it is likely I have Tourettes, I don’t think much about it anymore. I accept my tics and people who know me and love me don’t seem to mind. Stratera is a gift in my life giving me hope that I needed.

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    Yes there is always hope though sometimes I am looking in the opposite direction. If I am tired or have a fever, if too many details of my life have recently moved or changed, or I am just overwhelmed I might miss the hope in my life.
    Recently not knowing I was getting sick I had a meltdown all by myself at home.
    My faith in a loving God keeps me going a little further when I get down.
    One minute at a time is all I can handle really.
    At age 70 just began Stratera and find it very helpful. Am I satisfied with my progress? Sometimes.
    Go to bed early and if you can eat ice cream first.
    One day at a time, dear one, I know your pain I live it too.
    Try a different Therapist and stop eating gluten.
    We never know until we try what will help. Gluten free is a miracle for me. Less brain fog. Less I said. Gratitude is my saving grace.

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