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    Sorry I have not responded to many of the comments here. I could not find the thread even though I posted it. Most forums have a search, and a subscribed threads, or threads I have posted links history so I can get back to the thread I posted but I could not find any of that here.

    Anyway, I am very sad to hear that there are other people that are being mis-diagnosed in the same manner I was. It is criminal it really is. I am very thankful that Trileptal didn’t spin me out and lead me into disaster. The brain is a fragile id and shouldn’t be flippantly jollied around with.

    I hope that all of you get the proper mental health care that you deserve.

    The second half of my story is that I found a good Psychiatrist and he has me on Adderall and it is working fantastic for me. I never realize how fast my mind was going until medication slowed it down, and now I understand that there is no fix for ADHD (as I experience it) other than the proper medication.

    It is so hard to explain how I (we ADHD people) experience the world, all I can say is I spent 51 years feeling like I needed to go, and there were always things in my way, like a race horse biting at the bit to burst out of the gate and run. Now that I am on Adderall, for the first time I feel in sych with the world around me to a better extent.

    I still talk a bit to much, but find I grow weary of long conversation quicker than I used.

    I quickly realized as well, that medication is only part of the equation. I need to change my habit. 51 years of habits do not change because of a pill. good news is now, I have the clarity to focus on goals like breaking old habits, and finishing tasks. It really has been an astonishing experience for me and a real eye opener.

    Last thing I will say, because I’m new to treatment is that I found that Addrall as prescribed 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon, did not quite work for me. When it starts to wear off I get very loopy and it can be very harsh when you don’t see it coming. During that initial feeling of it wearing off, if it’s during the day, at work, I need to take a bit more.

    So I now take 5mg at 5am when I get up for work, 5mg at 9am, 5mg at 2pm and 5mg at 6pm.

    Works perfectly for me and I fall asleep soundly between 9pm and 10pm every night.

    Point is if you do get on meds, make sure you talk with your doctor about adjustments to dosages and timing. My doc said that my dosing schedule is fine especially if it works for me, which it does.

    I wish there very best to you all and appreciate the input and hope that those that are being given bad diagnosis like I was, get the proper attention and medication very soon.

    Peace and clam to one and all.



    If you feel strongly that the diagnosis is wrong, seek another opinion.

    I had the same exact thing happen to me, with a Nurse Practitioner ignoring my previous history of hyper-activity disorder and re-misdiagnosing me as bi-polar. She put me on Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine) a mood stabilizer and the results were terrible. That medication made me feeling like I was drowning in mud. I couldn’t even drive to work on that medication, because it is the exact opposite of what I need.

    I found a good doctor, he reviewed my history and recognized my ADHD and put me on Adderall. So far the results are fantastic. Never felt so calm and balanced in my life.

    So don’t let them do that to you. Find a different practitioner, and get a second, and if need be a third opinion.

    Bottom line is don’t let a medical practitioner push a diagnosis on you that you know doesn’t fit you and your history. The wrong medication is worse than doing nothing when it comes to ADHD in my humble opinion.

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    Thank you! Yeah I only wish attitudes towards ADHD and medication would have been different when I was younger. I then could have gotten help before I was 51 years old. Better late than never though 🙂 Take care and all the best to you, and thanks again for your earlier responses, they helped keep me from getting discouraged and giving up.

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    Just an update. I found a good doctor. He listened to me and seemed to understand that I have been struggling with this for many years.

    He prescribed Adderall… 5mg twice a day for the first 7 days, then 10mg twice a day for 7 days, then seeing me again to assess.

    Right out of the gate I am amazed. I never really realize how different it can be to not feel like an race horse want to burst through gates all the time, because I have never known anything different.

    My mind is calm now. First big difference I noticed is my ability to get some things done around the house. Next thing I noticed was the change in my driving… I am so much calmer, and in no hurry.

    I was hopeful that medication would help me, but skeptical, I have never really trusted psychology or medicine, and I don’t like taking pills. Man I am glad I took a chance to get some help.

    Only side effects for me seem to be feeling a bit warm, and a little thirsty.

    Very hopeful now that I have found a doctor that seems to understand how I am feeling and why I need help.

    If anyone else in Las Vegas needs a good doctor, let me know and I will advise.

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    Thank you for your responses.

    I feel like the trileptal just slows me down. So much so that I do not take it in the morning or I would struggle all day.

    I was very hyper as a child. Ran everywhere. Talked a mile a minute. Just wound tighter than a ten day clock.

    I’m going to give this trileptal thing until the end of the week and call the clinic I’m dealing with and ask to talk to the Psychiatrist.

    To answer a couple of the questions:

    I live in Las Vegas.

    I had not thought about it but my crashes do come in the winter months. Last year was in the fall, and this year right at the new year.

    I really struggle to focus, and it’s hard to tell if I am gaining anything from the trileptal, because it slows me down, so I am able to concentrate a little longer, but I feel like my brain is stuck in mud if that makes any sense.

    Yeah I will talk to them again. I would at least like to try ADHD medication, as I was diagnosed with hyperactivity (highly) when I was young, and I think I’ve had that all my life and never been treated.

    I want to be able to function at my best, not feel like I am struggling through a haze.

    Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated. It was hard to take this step and seek help, so it really means a lot to get some feedback from others.


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    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, I was diagnosed by psychiatrist and doctor as hyperactive disorder when I was a kid (5th grade).

    Back then (1977) they were hesitant to put me on meds because I excelled in school. Shortly after that school took a nose dive sadly. I get bored quickly.

    My symptoms are that my thoughts go extremely fast. It is hard for me to focus on one thing for long, unless I obsess on that one thing. When it is very bad, I cannot even watch an entire television program or movie without fast forwarding through large chunks of it. At the worst I cannot even listen to an entire song on the radio in the car, I will bounce around from song to song even on songs I like. Seems like a small thing I know but it represents the feeling I have that I cannot even slow down enough to absorb things I enjoy.

    At the worst I feel like I am a piano wire strung so tight I may break, and vibrating at a very high pitch.

    I function at a very high level when I am like that and that will go on for months and then eventually I come apart an crash under anxiety of not handling my life and work appropriately. I run at a high pace, but still only accomplish just enough to get by. I rarely can finish complex projects entirely without missing something, which is a problem for me because I’m a Network Engineer.

    As far as the bi-polar meds… I do feel in a haze all the time since I started taking them even though they appear to “stabilize” my mood as they are supposed too… I feel like I am walking through mud all the time now.

    I guess I will need to find and talk to a GP here and try to get a Psychiatrist to talk to. I’m frustrated because I can’t seem to get a call back from Psychiatrists and the one office I did landed me talking to this Nurse Practitioner that seemed to ignore my previous diagnosis.

    She confused me too, because she said if my mind is moving too fast, that ADHD medication will make that worse. I thought that if you don’t have a hyperactive mind, that adhd meds sped you up, but that if you are like us with adhd it actually slows us down to a more normal speed…

    Not sure what to do at this point… I guess I will find a doctor and start there… and continue looking for a psychiatrist.

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