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    Hi ADHD Friend There is a treatment for those who get anxious talking.

    In my last life, I was working as a Speech Pathologist.
    People that stuttered also have difficulty on the phone.
    It is due to Anxiety.
    Here are some information and links that I hope help you
    When do you feel the anxiety of talking?
    Some say the minute the phone rings?
    Treatment that focuses on the Anxiety is critical.
    Most everyone I know with ADHD has some form of Anxiety.
    The trick is to determine the type of anxiety and treatment that best fits you.
    I hope this helps

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    As a Speech Pathologist who worked in the schools, I know that in California they have Regional Centers with professionals that evaluate Early Childhood Development.
    Look into a center or what they may be called where you live and follow up as needed.

    Good luck.

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    Boy, that sucks. I would go to HR and discuss the challenges you are having, but don’t mention that it is ADHD related. I have found that once an inflexible person feels irritated by your behavior it’s hard to go back. Perhaps, your that was supportive could provide testimony for your behavior change. Skip the knitting, that isn’t work-related. Use crayons instead. I once spoke to Paul Ofella, the founder of Kinko’s about his distractibility during meetings. He reported that he found success with a softball in his had. Widgets might work great too. Good luck. I have been there too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)