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    Sadly I got throw I to something by the owner. A secret project with 2 others, that no one was supposed to know. Boss called me out in front of my peers when he found out. Asked me to explain. Everything out in open. My issues with him started 2nd week. Hr and himself agreed to my earlier work hours, then he got mad because he felt I went over his head. That and he felt obligated to say yes. They knew before I started their times were going to be very hard on me.

    Tried explaining it would be better for to keep helping the senior until I get enough work under my belt. Told that’s a bad idea and I need to focus on running full projects. Been only a month and this isn’t retail.

    I feel out of option and struggling as this seems to happen. Work drama causes me so much issues that it’s hard to function. So stressed out. Just tired of it all. Last place wasn’t any better. 2 months and just lobbed any and all jobs the others didn’t want. No real training, just ask questions trial by fire.

    Like I said I feel this is my last option. But at this point doesn’t seem worth it.

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    I lucked out on what I can use my hyperfocus on. I’m an Autocad Detailer/3D modeler and its been a great use for it. While I can sit for hours on projects, I started to set alarms and playlists. Just have to figure out how to stick to them sometimes haha. But with the playlists I make them 1-2ish hours long, so when its done i gotta get up and just move a bit. Plus I had some major injuries that kind of make me have to get up and move a bit.

    I dont know for anyone else, but I feel so much better and relax after a good hyperfocus session. My brain feels like a Jack Terrier that is stuck in a cage all day. When i get to focus Im out running around in an open field, without a care in the world.

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    Hello! Newly diagnosed ADHD and 30 here. Well I want to go to a psychologist now but sadly the US insurance sucks and have to wait till next year to get it. For now i was doing the bad thing of just letting everyone know, and some have a blank stare or just do the “ohh ok”. Luckily my family has been supportive and gets it. But I’ve been through enough in my life so far ((2) herniated discs from 15-22, dislocated same knee cap (2) years apart, perm nerve damage in leg) to at this point give a crap anymore. It still bugs me and it always creeps in my mind like most, (15) versions of the same event before it happens.

    I’ve always had two ways of looking at things and its either been mope and sit around or find a way out and better myself. Again this is just a combination of years of influence and coping mechanisms as I’ve had severe depression and anxiety. Everyone’s ADHD is different.

    I think the easiest way to put it for some, are antidotes. Put things in the perspective of the person. If they are techy, explain to them that your brain is like a computer. You have the newest parts, but the memory and processor are old. So it cant support the output of the always increasing RAM. (something like that, might of gotten it backwards but you get the drift)
    Or a general that people seem to get more, is that you have a line of thoughts. Each thought carries its own weight in problems. Sadly for you, they are getting tired of waiting and getting mad. Now the bouncer (Executive Function) having a hard time trying to figure out which person (problem) to pat down and make sure is OK to come through.
    Last one is you have X amount of people inside your head all talking at once and your brain cant process and focus on just one. There’s always something else said that distract from the original (that was sound more crazy then i meant it to but whatever).
    My Therapist has told me I’ve been giving her great antidotes so figured I’d share

    Only you know you. So if it gives you a bad feeling and you’re seeing for yourself maybe its not something that can be embraced. That’s ok, I’m thanking the stars for websites like this. Taken me out of some really dark places and same with the community of people with ADHD.

    Also @Spaceboy I think its an ADHD thing. Im always ranting and chatty haha.

    TLDR I agree with Spaceboy haha

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