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    Your life sounds a lot like mine. Sandra Felton wrote a book called “The Messies Manual”. It has helped me because she helped me put my disorganized life into perspective and helped me change my mindset. It was nice to find that she had a lot of the same issues as me. Also, she is funny. One thing I started doing after reading her book was to write a master list of my meals that I cook frequently. I plan out my meals for two weeks at a time and just rotate and recycle the meals that I have on my plan. Another way to do it is to plan what kind of meal to eat on a particular day, for example, Monday – pasta, Tuesday- chicken, Wednesday- beef, Thursday- sandwiches, salad, etc. Using the meal plan has also allowed me to spend less on groceries because I only buy what I plan for and we eat leftovers before I cook again.

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