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    My husband has ADHD. He was never treated as a child. He’s brilliant. He struggles his entire life until he was medicated and then, his self esteem was so broken and so many bad habits were formed. Our daughter has ADHD. She is brilliant, straight A student, creative and her life is VERY different because she was diagnosed, medicated and follows the plan below. her self esteem is stellar.


    First step: Medicate – There are many medications to try. Don’t give up. There may come a time when an “extender” medication is necessary to complete homework. Embrace it.

    2nd – Take your meds as soon as your feet hit the floor. You are setting your the pace for your day. THIS LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD.

    3rd – Put routines, processes in place – make a daily schedule. Write it out. Post it. Have your child get involved in making the list. This will help develop good habits and executive function skills. Check it off until it becomes engrained.

    4th – Diet – High protein, low carb – sugar is a treat.

    5th – Exercise – do 5-10 min EVERY the morning (jumping jacks, push ups, set ups, etc), then 20-30 min at least 6 days in the afternoon. Any form of exercise.

    6th – Rest -Take melatonin 30 min before bed. Stop all things that simulate 1 hour before bed.

    7th – Make this plan a priority in your life and the ADHD will function optimally. Given the proper environment and the ADHD gifts will bloom and grow.

    BE DILIGENT!!! Be INTENTIONAL!!! You can’t approach ADHA hap-hazardly or it will eat you alive!!!

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