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    Hi, I just stumbled on your post above, 8 months with no response. I hope you have figured out something since.

    I feel your pain. After 2 years of TRT 1 year of adult adhd treatment (I’m 36) I am starting to get it all dialled I’m and feeling better.

    My Testosterone levels where at the level of a 95yo due to prescribed ibuprofen and opiates for the treatment of migraines since I was about 10yo through to about 30yo. I always had innatentive type adhd.

    What currently works for me is
    2 x week (wed, sun) 62.4mg Testosterone enanthanate
    2 x week (Tue, sat) 250iu of HCG
    40mg of Dexamphetamine in the morning and 10mg at lunch.
    20mg of Citalopram with the dex in the morning

    I also supplement with magnisium 320-400mg, lecithin 1200mg in the morming after bfast then 1000mg of vit C in thee evening.

    The HCG is needed to keep your testicles producing all the other things your body needs but would be deprived of if on Testosterone only.

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