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    Hi Shine

    Thank you for your response, it was great to read. I was also devastated to see that you had your diagnosis reversed at such a critical time, I’m sorry that you went through that.

    I’m working on the emotional stuff with a brilliant psych, and constantly learning to trust myself more and seeing patterns in my life that relate directly back to my ADHD. Disengaging from the belief that I’m a lazy person and my general low self-esteem is going to take work. I have a deep sense of sadness which I need to acknowledge and work through. But I also have goals now which I can plan towards without going into full melt down!

    It’s going to take a long time to get over the feeling of wasted time and missed opportunities. Part of that has to be recognising that at our age we still have plenty of time even if it doesn’t feel like it. The ADHD has affected so many parts of my life, and I’m seeing gradual improvements all the time, especially at work and with study. My medication is making a big difference with very few side-effects, so I am incredibly grateful for how smooth that part of the transition was for me.

    I’ve also been feeling alone in this. Probably the most frustrating thing lately is how even my close friends respond when I talk about my ADHD. It’s like they don’t believe in it, or they think I’m seeking special treatment (especially frustrating when I want to celebrate my new discoveries with them). I’ve had so many people say “oh that’s not an ADHD thing, I lose things too” etc. It feels horrible to have these reactions from people I thought would be happy for me. I almost feel compelled to keep a Drs note on me to produce at times like this! I would love to hear your perspective on this.

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    Hi all, thank you so much for sharing your experiences, it was a treat to wake up and read them!

    Inak – I’m sorry that you have to wait so long to get assessed. While I was waiting I spent some time researching other things that can help (I have clocks everywhere now!), small things can be a good starting point. For me the medication worked almost instantly once I got to the correct dose – hopefully you will have a similar experience.

    And yes, of course men are welcome to comment – I had read so much about women being underdiagnosed that I expected more women to identify with my story. Obviously it’s not an exclusively female problem so I apologise if anyone felt excluded 🙂

    The misinformation about ADD/ADHD is very frustrating. My stronger symptoms are inattentive, so I think in the 90s it just wasn’t on the radar. The “high functioning” idea is so frustrating to me – it completely fails to appreciate the individual.

    Most of my closer friends as well as my boss (so grateful) have been supportive and happy for me. But others seem to feel like I’m just trying to get special treatment or magic pills or something. They hear, “I’m tired, I can’t prioritise, I can’t concentrate” and they say, “Oh, everyone feels that way, that’s normal. Theres nothing wrong with you”.

    With that said, I’ve decided to be very open about my diagnosis and how it has affected me. I realise that this isn’t something everyone wants to or should do, but I hope that it can have a positive effect for someone listening.

    I have found this website and the podcast very helpful. And my sister works with ASD students in a university setting and she’s been amazing and pointing out that neurodiversity comes with both strengths and challenges. Her perspective has been so refreshing.

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