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    Hi all, I have ADHD and to top this I am also Dyslexic.

    In 2012 I decided to write an autobiography about my life, The Answer is Yes Now What is the Question – How I turned 37p into 100 million pounds. It took me 3½ years to write, anyone else probably would have taken only 6 months. I’m not trying to promote the book it’s just an example of not being able to concentrate on one thing at a time.

    I have always thought ADHD has had its advantages in my business of retail and building, always flitting about getting distracted but finding at the same time opportunities that would be passed over by other people

    Please don’t suppress this great aspect of your life with medication, live your ADHA life to the full and let people know that you have this wonderful gift.

    All the very best, Neville Wright.

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