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    Do you drink Orange Juice or other sources of vitamin C.
    If so they could be speeding up the metabolism of the Adderall

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    ADHD Men’s Support Group on face book 1700 members good supportive group

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    First of all your resentment is understandable.
    Adhd is not a disability it is more of difference in thinking that stems from difference in serotonin production.

    Reading your description sounds like people have been taking care of him and he hasn’t learned to be totally self sufficient. It is possible for him to be self sufficient. However the methods of teaching that need to be adjusted. Direct him with clear short direction. For example please gather the dishes and clean them everyday. Remind him to do them as needed remind him to clear the food from the sink.
    Remind him to study for that test if there is real opportunity for him.

    I am a 44 years old who was diagnosed at 42 clearly I made to a good job and house and family yet I still struggle and I know everyone struggles as well.

    Good luck

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    Yes getting to sleep is often a challenge. Constant flipping and adjusting until a momentary comfort and we pass out. Basically as we are trying to settle. What seems comfortable one min begins to hurt the next minute and causes movement. Recommendations. Have her stop using electronics an hour before bed. No phones in bed. Reduce sugar or caffeine products after noon. Try melatonin supplements an hour or so before bed. Meditation routines through apps on YouTube.

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    This is excellent.

    And I need to saw this whole Quarantine is stoking my RSD something fierce.
    The slightest perceived disapproval send me down the rumination spiral into darkness

    After such an event last night and I decided to try and stop it I confronted my wife with my perception
    of the conversation had after dinner that started the spiral in me again. She told me my perception was wrong.
    And as well talked about it My RSD was trying to take over. I broke down crying sharing with her how in 2018 I was suicidal for a large chunk of that year. Sharing that brought back all that pain and has me crying for then next 14 hours in fact today I have been on the verge all day.

    I do hope it was worth it and she begins to understand my fragile soul

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    I can only speak for me and my situation. Being diagnosed at 42 been a blessing. So as a child with apparently ADHD I was a good kid and didn’t act out much (fear of disappointing people overrode behavior) I could have done better and gotten better grades and maybe gone to a better school and maybe finished faster under less debt and maybe made less financial mistakes , and maybe made less relationship mistakes and maybe and maybe……..

    Point is it could have helped me.
    Now I look at my 5 year old son and ADHD with impulse control screams out to me. But I am waiting to seek a true diagnosis. I am waiting to see how he is affected at school. So far he is a good student and well behaved at school. Just a challenge at home.

    Now if he starts to experience school related symptoms I will definitely get him evaluated.

    Fact is this is a neuro-divergent thing and there are good tools to help people.

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    As written those things all point to ADHD but only a trained Psych should diagnose you.
    I would get tested and seek treatment and counseling.
    The treatments and counseling work and can help you be a more consistent and organized person. But you will will always have Adhd.

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    So I havent read all the posts here but the struggle is real. once Prescribed 20mg of Adderall Er I tried every pharmacy i could to see if the different generics reacted differently in me. For the most part mallinckrodt Impax, Epic, some otheres were all pretty equal in I felt nothing. I did gain some focus however. So I transferred my prescribing powert o my primary care doc and low and behold the pharmacy attached to the clinic that Pharmacist billed me non insurance I paid less money for Shires Adderall.
    Now that stuff works.

    Talk the your pharmacists and check into different billing options.

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    A job in Information technology support. Lots of stuff comeining at you from every different direction.
    New technologies peak your interest.

    Avoid Project management or It Security. Although I am going for IT security soon.
    Plus if you are being treated for ADHDh through drugs and counseling why would he be precluded from jobs?

    The drugs help us focus and the counseling gives us strategies to cope.

    I have been working in IT for 20 years only diagnosed with adhd this year . It explains
    so much. But also explains how I can do many different tasks at once.

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    Yes it is.

    in reply to: Diagnosed Late early days yet #134583

    Thanks Quietlylos I couldn’t agree with you more it is a journey. nN the last week I have tit-rated up to 20 Mg of adderall xr and am feeling a difference in concentration today. I realized this morning that previously while un-medicated I have a thousand thoughts in my head bouncing around all the time. And I could sit on the couch with a cell phone laptop and tv on and pay attention to all of it. Now while on Adderall it is a single thought stream and can only pay attention to one thing at a time.
    I sort of miss that mental multitasking but realize it is quality over quantity. Hell today i completed a task I have been unable to do for the last 10 years. And I completed it in less then an hour.

    So things are looking up

    I am already scheduled for that seminar you recommended

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    Yes it is key to find a local psychiatry clinic and get tested.
    From there they will put you in a plan.
    This is hard work and understand healthcare in this country is severely broken.

    in reply to: Please Help I’m desperate #133822

    I see several things here and experience some of them myself.
    1. Speak to your Psych about the suicide thoughts immediately. They can prescribe Wellbutrin or something else that helps
    1A. I also feel persecuted by my wife and am finding little improvement from various stimulants
    1b. Wellbutrin helped me greatly with suicidal escape thoughts
    2. Unfortunatley MOm’s are burdened with the care of the family to a greater degree.
    2A. Family counseling with your husband possibly . Or calmly asking him for more actionable help.
    3.Are the kids parroting back parental behavior?

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