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    The one thing you didn’t mention is how long have you worked in your position before you asked your manager about the new project. Unless you’ve been there for a few years “and” have already talked to your manager about job growth, taking on additional work, a better use of your skills, etc., most good managers should be more than happy to promote someone or help them move to another position to better utilize their skills.

    IMHO, I have found that being a team player, affable, non-argumentive, having a sense of humor, not difficult to work with, will get you pretty far. It’s also helpful to have a personal relationship with your co-workers and managers. Going out to lunch and happy hour are good ways to develop relationships that carryover to the work place.

    Also, saying anything that could be construed as negative or a criticism should be done in private and not in a group setting. You really need to discuss with your managers your condition so that they know what’s going on with you and can work with you.

    A long time ago I took Paxil for migraines, and which is used for social anxiety, and found myself blurting out or saying things I would not usually say to people. Maybe your medication is too strong. People who have ADD can also be argumentative when not on their medication.


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