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    I realize this is an old post, however I wanted to let you know there is hope for you. You have described me almost to a T, and I feel your confusion and anguish.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) was my lifesaver 3 years ago. My therapist was able to guide me to recognize where I was ‘going wrong’ so to speak, in my social interactions, and it also taught me a lot about myself and how I ruined so many relationships throughout my life without meaning to. I too thought I was being supportive, helpful, etc. instead I was overstepping so many boundaries that I didn’t recognize were there, and alienated people around me.

    You are extremely insightful and intelligent, as I can see from your post, and your ability to express yourself in writing. Find a therapist who specializes in CBT, preferably he or she will also have experience with ADHD. Shop around until you find a good fit, if need be. It’s intensive, and a lot of work, but I know you are motivated to make a change for the better for yourself 🙂 … I may have burned many bridges in my past, and am still dealing with that in some cases, but CBT has enabled me to connect to myself and also others and start fresh. I wish I could go back and fix things with my family (especially by children), but I know now that I’ll have to let them come to me on their terms, when they feel they can trust me once again, instead of me forcing my newfound wisdom on them.

    You can do this! I’m so glad I stumbled across your post, it popped up while I was searching for info on dextroamphetamine lol… Karma I suppose, so I could reach out to you ~

    Peace, and good luck!

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    Hi, I have ADHD and PTSD. I don’t have any words of wisdom, except that I know the two conditions overlap and tend to “feed off each other”. I’ve noticed that my stimulant meds help control the intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks, but other than that, working with a therapist I trust is paramount to my survival right now. I don’t know the details of how you developed PTSD; mine stems from ongoing childhood trauma and then later an abusive marriage/domestic violence. I’m now 47 years old, divorced for 3 years and living with my parents while I attempt to get my life back together. I’m not working at this time since this combo is kicking my butt.

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. I, myself, have had a hard time finding other people with this dual diagnosis, and also any real info online about the ramifications of having PTSD and ADHD.

    Maybe we should start a group… I know my ADHD contributed a lot to my inability to get out of my marriage, and it was also used as a weapon against me.


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