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    they said my leg was jumping and people told me it was jumping when I would fall asleep but I never did anything for it they told me it was jumping when I had a sleep study for sleep apnea were you checked for sleep apnea? That’s all I can think of.

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    No, I get a lot of anxiety myself, not quite as bad as your’s sounds.
    You might have to see a doctor if it keeps up. Sorry I can’t be of more help.
    I hope you feel better soon though.

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    My goofy landlady would do stuff like,
    (Ok this was before I moved here, I was still at the old place)
    But I had gone to the doctors, and went to Walmart to fill my Prescriptions, and had done some shopping. Well you know how BIG those walmart stores are. Cat food at one of the store, and Butter clean at the other end of the store.
    Well I was EXHAUSTED. Well I knew how she was, So I emailed and told her I had a Long Day, and was EXHAUSTED, and HAD to lie down for a while. (So She wouldn’t be bothering me)
    Would you believe she had the nerve to ring my phone anyhow.
    I was almost drifted off to sleep.
    And when I didn’t answer my landline, Had the Nerve to ring My cell Phone. I think I thought it was someone else (Important) so I answered it. Well Here it was That PITA! She knows It’s a Tracfone too, and that I like to limit my time spent on it, as basically as you probably know, You pay by the minuet. But She just kept Talking and Talking and Talking.
    So then If I’d interject, She’s Yell all Frustrated, LET ME TALK!
    So another time, (I was still at the old place) I was supposed to PayPal some money, I said “Whats your Paypal address” “You don’t need it she says. I didn’t want to get into a whole big thing, So I found her name on paypal and was able to send it that way.
    Well It didn’t go through for some reason. So she emailed and told me how to get my money back from Pay pal.
    Well I guess I didn’t do it fast enough,
    She emails me with “List” in the subject line.
    1, Write paypal, request refund.
    2, Send me check For $XXX.00
    3, Some other order, I forget,
    Then she goes “AS INSTRUCTED”
    (WHO IN THE DAMN HELL DOES she think she is, “AS INSTRUCTED” ? I didn’t know a Landlord was supposed to be My Boss )
    Then another time, I was supposed to transfer the electric into My Name, I asked Her for the Electric company Account number, again, “You don’t need it” Well she gave it to me, I transferred the account,
    2 weeks or so Later, I get a Smart Ass e mail, “If you don’t transfer this Electric By XXX date, IM GOING TO HAVE IT SHUT OFF”
    So can you guess, here she had gave me the account number to her other property. Then she goes Oh Ha Ha Ha, sorry about that.
    I’ve got myself SO SICK inside right now, I never should have started talking about this. Thanks for reading.
    I was going to post more of what she did, but I’ve got myself too sick right now.
    I am just so sick over everything, I often wish I would just pass away.

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    I had to wait for the cops to confirm, “no, that is not from hitting his car–that’d be impossible.” 33-year old Diane (me), would DEF not put up with that treatment nowadays!
    She sounds like a piece of work too. Wow! You’re 33 Now?
    I would LOVE to still be 33. I was a Lot happier back then.
    I commented today on Facebook, Again with the
    “Be Happy” and “Count your blessings”
    I get sick of hearing that. Again, like I said, This is not something I am doing on purpose.
    I read this about Wellbutrin Verses Lexapro.
    I have read on my own that Wellbutrin is a different class (what ever that means exactly?)
    It Said,
    “Lexapro and Wellbutrin belong to different drug classes. Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and Wellbutrin is an aminoketone.”
    I guess they work differently.

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    Okay thanks now I’m not worried about sex I’m not with anybody right now anyhow 63 years old and having gone through chemotherapy doesn’t work too well in that department anyways . Now the landlady has been leaving me alone but that makes me uncomfortable when it causes worried there because now I haven’t heard nothing from her and I almost feel a little bit afraid to even call her or email her if I have to if something’s wrong or something you know it’s just a bad situation I want to get out of here. Since my colon surgery I’m not real regular anyway so I’m used to that. I’ll try to to drag myself one of these days thanks for your thoughts that’s encouraging though.

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    No one has any personal experience with Lexapro verus Wellbutrin?
    (Didn’t mean to sound rude Penny, just VERY UNHAPPY these days)

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    They don’t know what the heck they are doing either.
    Thanks for your time.

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    I’m sure doing chores till 10 PM is No picnic, But I am the extreme opposite. I don’t want to do A Damn thing. If I smoke marijuana, It gives me too much anxiety, The anxiety will wear off, then sometimes I feel like doing things, But I guess I really don’t like smoking it that much.
    I can’t wait to take my sleeping pills at night, and don’t get out of bed till 3PM I don’t shower, I hate to leave the house. I often wish I would pass away. I am not eating right, there is Never! nothing good to eat in the house.
    If I complain on Facebook, I am told to “Be Happy”
    and to Count My Blessings” And that Makes me mad.
    I Know I should be grateful, and lots of people have it worse than me,
    But it’s not like Im doing this on Purpose.
    people always have to play the devils advocate.
    I tried wellbutrin for 6 weeks but it hasn’t done any good, And I have not been able to Drag myself to the doctors since then.
    Do you think Lexapro would work better than Wellbutrin?
    Oh, I tried CBD Oil, It was supposed to be a Good quality brand, But It didn’t do any good.
    Also the first time I took it I took 7 Drops, I got noticeably tired.
    The lady that sells it said I should “Take a Walk”
    Either that, or I could not take the CBD, not get tired, then I wouldn’t need to take a walk, I have a bit of a Hard time walking, and am often clumbsy, and It makes me mad.
    I told her “I didn’t want to take a walk”
    Then They give you This B/S about “Finding the sweet spot” dosage wise,
    I think It’s a Bunch of B/S and they just want to Sell The CBD to make commission.
    Oh then another Lady at the facebook group, said I was “Probably detoxing” LMAO yeah, 7or 8 drops of CBD oil, the toxins were just rushing out of my body. What, Do they think people are stupid.
    I hate My life these days.

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    I know It’s no help, But I feel sorry for the turtle.

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