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    Posting here becasue I have noticed a change in the quality of generic adderall XR and IR and possibly vyvanse.
    I have been on 20mg XR morning and 10mg IR as needed for 7+ years. Usually take frequent breaks from the meds.
    Over the past 1.5 or so years, I have been experiencing scalp irritation/SD and hair loss, as well as feeling generally sick/unwell on the meds, with occasional torrettes like tics and was therefore on frequent breaks. This was while taking Prasco XR and teva IR from Walgreens. I have tried them separately and both have been giving me the same issues.
    I had about a month supply of coropharma IR from 2015 in the back of my closet. I decided to try those 2x per day spaced 4hr apart, with no XR for a month, and it felt like a completely different med. It was far superior to both the prasco 20mg XR and teva 10mg spaced the same way.
    I don’t think the meds had degraded because they felt much stronger and I had much more mental clarity… all of the symptoms I had been experiencing were not present. It felt like I had come off of a 2+ month Med break.
    Now I also had some old teva 10mg IR from a few year ago, and there was undoubtably a change in the mfg process. The texture, color (both are blue, but newer one has far larger whiteish specs that are distributed differently through the pill, and the blue is “deeper” or “richer” in the old pill), they break differently, and most notably taste very differently.
    IMO the differences are too significant to be from any expiration of the meds. When I found them I actually had a sort of deja vu moment, where the look, taste, etc reminded me of how I had always remembered the meds-the newer ones seemed foreign.
    I also tried this old teva, also a way better experience and no symptoms.

    Now it gets even stranger- I go to the dr, and switch to vyvanse 60mg. I start having similar issues after 1-2 weeks, although much less severe on the vyvanse. Surprisingly, I also had about a month supply of vyvanse from when I was on it in 2013… I decided to try these for a couple weeks, and just as the old adderall, they felt more powerful than ever and none of the unpleasant symptoms.

    I should also add- when filling the XR, I was asked on two separate occasions by different pharmacy people, “is the generic okay”.. I have never been asked this for any other med, makes me wonder if others are having similar experiences..

    This all leaves me confused.. I just picked up a script for provigil and adderall IR, and am going to try the provigil for a few weeks as well as trying the IR from a different mfg.
    Idk what could be going on. The pharma supply chain is so dynamic and convoluted it’s a pain to do extensive research or keep up with things..

    Does this help anyone, or has anyone had a similar experience..?

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